The Disney movies you and your little ones know and love - retold with compelling narration, thrilling sound effects and original voices. These audiobooks will engage kiddos in reading activities and will have them learning new things, without them even realising it!

Disney magic has landed at Birde

Audiobook Seeds

We have partnered with Disney to add their Classics & Favourites to our ever-growing library of Audiobook Seeds.

Our Audiobook Seeds are a hexagonal shaped token which, when tapped against your Birde Player, prompts the audiobook recording to begin.

Disney x Birde Audiobook Seeds hold 2 or more audiobook tracks. Check the track listing on each product's page to find out which stories are included.

Tap & Play Books

Our Tap & Play Books help your little ones to learn to enjoy reading independently.

They include a Birde logo on the back cover, simply tap this against your Birde Player and the audio recording begins.

Your little one can then follow along with the audio in their copy of the book - turning the pages when they hear the command and tracking the story using the pictures and words.