Thomas and Friends - Season 5

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All aboard for this classic collection of season five of the original Thomas the Tank Engine and friends stories. Join Thomas, together with his friends Edward, Gordon, Henry, James, Berie, Percy, Toby and of course The Fat Controller on the island of Sodor in this fun packed collection.

Our Video seed also works in Audio only mode and will play the audio track through your Birde Speaker (just like an audio book!). Perfect for encouraging screen free play.  


Audio Track Listing

  1. Thomas And Friends Song
  2. Cranky Bugs
  3. Horrid Lorry
  4. A Better View For Gordon
  5. Lady Hatt's Birthday Party
  6. James And The Trouble With Trees
  7. Gordon And The Gremlin
  8. Bye George
  9. Baa
  10. Put Upon Percy
  11. Toby And The Flood
  12. Haunted Henry
  13. Double Teething Troubles
  14. Stepney Gets Lost
  15. Toby's Discovery
  16. Something In The Air
  17. Thomas, Percy And Old Slowcoach
  18. Thomas And The Rumours
  19. Oliver's Find
  20. Happy Ever After
  21. Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday
  22. A Surprise For Percy
  23. Make Someone Happy
  24. Busy Going Backwards
  25. Duncan Gets Spooked
  26. Snow
  27. Rusty And The Boulder

Video Track Listing
  1. Cranky Bugs
  2. Horrid Lorry
  3. A Better View For Gordon
  4. Lady Hatt's Birthday Party
  5. James And The Trouble With Trees
  6. Gordon And The Gremlin
  7. Bye George
  8. Baa
  9. Put Upon Percy
  10. Toby And The Flood
  11. Haunted Henry
  12. Double Teething Troubles
  13. Stepney Gets Lost
  14. Toby's Discovery
  15. Something In The Air
  16. Thomas, Percy And Old Slowcoach
  17. Thomas And The Rumours
  18. Oliver's Find
  19. Happy Ever After
  20. Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday
  21. A Surprise For Percy
  22. Make Someone Happy
  23. Busy Going Backwards
  24. Duncan Gets Spooked
  25. Snow
  26. Rusty And The Boulder