The Wiggles - Fun, Fun, Fun

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Get ready to have some Fun, Fun, Fun! with a selection of our favourite episodes from season 2 of Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Prepare to solve a mystery with “Captain’s Lost Hornpipe”, practice your rhyming with “Lachy’s Rhyme Time” and have fun with reading in “Emma’s Reading Challenge”
as well as many more fun-filled episodes! Join Anthony, Emma, Lachy and Simon as they sing, dance and play their way through the day with some of their favourite episodes. We guarantee you’ll have Fun, Fun, Fun!

 Audio Track Listing

  1. Fun, Fun, Fun!
  2. Captain's Lost Hornpipe
  3. Emma's Bike
  4. What's Your Favourite Nursery Rhyme
  5. Lachy's Rhyme Time
  6. Food, Trains And Animals!
  7. Sing Beaky Sing
  8. Detective Lachy
  9. Emma's Reading Challenge
  10. Lachy's Bird Poem
  11. Lachy's Orange Hair
  12. Emma's Missing Bow
  13. Princess Emma Of The Wiggle House

Video Track Listing

  1. Captain's Lost Hornpipe
  2. Emma's Bike
  3. What's Your Favourite Nursery Rhyme
  4. Lachy's Rhyme Time
  5. Food, Trains And Animals
  6. Sing Beaky Sing
  7. Detective Lachy
  8. Emma's Reading Challenge
  9. Lachy's Bird Poem
  10. Lachy's Orange Hair
  11. Emma's Missing Bow
  12. Princess Emma Of The Wiggle House