Play School - Famous Friends

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Since its initial broadcast on July 18, 1966, Play School has been entertaining preschoolers, providing
them with new experiences and learning opportunities through music, crafts, stories, games and ideas.
Play School aims to encourage a child to wonder, to think, to feel and to imagine. The program strives to
reflect a modern diverse Australian society and is constantly evolving to ensure that it remains relevant
to contemporary audiences. Featuring a stellar cast of Australian personalities, ‘Famous Friends’ presents
all your much cherished nursery rhymes and stories. Old favourites such as Benita Collings, John Hamblin
and Don Spencer are joined by a wealth of Aussie talent including You Am I, Dan Sultan, Emma Wiggle,
Carrie Bickmore, Katie Noonan, Missy Higgins, Josh Thomas and many more.

Track Listing

  1. There’s A Bear in There – Emma Wiggle

  2. There’s a Hole in my Bucket – Hamish & Andy

  3. Nursery Rhyme News – Molly Meldrum & Charlie Pickering

  4. Three Little Fishies – Missy Higgins

  5. Ning Nang Nong – Josh Thomas

  6. Little Peter Rabbit – Benita Collings & Don Spencer

  7. The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek – Tim Minchin

  8. Old Mother Hubbard – Magda Szubanski

  9. Old MacDonald – John Hamblin

  10. The Wheels on the bus – Dan Sultan

  11. I can sing a rainbow – Katie Noonan

  12. Five Cheeky Monkeys – Jeremy Fernandez

  13. Fairytale story – Umbilical Brothers

  14. Going on a Bear Hunt – Kurt Fearnley & Rachael Coopes

  15. Rhythm – Tim Omaji

  16. Counting Aussie Animals – Adam Goodes

  17. I’m a little Tea Cup – John Hamblin

  18. Worm at the end of my garden/Wiggerley Woo – Costa

  19. I Like peace I like quite – Kate & Gypsy Ceberano

  20. Family Forest – Carrie Bickmore

  21. Big Bass Drum – Architecture in Helsinki

  22. When You’re Happy and you Know it – The Matildas

  23. The Owl and the Pussycat – Kate Miller-Heidke

  24. Singing in the Kitchen – Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb

  25. One Potato, two potato – You Am I

  26. Morningtown Rode – Bernard Fanning

  27. The Emperor’s New Clothes – Lee Lin Chin & Takaya Honda

  28. Teddy Bears Picnic – Benita Collings & Don Spencer

  29. There’s A Bear In There (Play SchoolTheme Song) – Remixed by KLP

  30. There’s A Bear In There (Play SchoolTheme Song)– Remixed by Copycatt

  31. There’s A Bear In There (Play SchoolTheme Song)– Remixed by Jondrette Den