Play School - 50th Anniversary

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Taken from the popular story segment on the program consisting of traditional and
original Play School stories. Featuring many of the presenters who Australia has come to love over the years including: Andrew, Alex, Emma, Hugh, Jonny, Justine, Karen, Leah, Luke, Rachael, Rhys, Teo and Zindzi.


Audio Track Listing

  1. There’s A Bear In There
  2. Mr Frog Went Walking
  3. Crab’s New Home
  4. The Three Little Kittens
  5. The Royal Rescue
  6. Little Red Riding Hood’s Surprise
  7. The Big Bush Adventure
  8. The Elves And The Shoemakers
  9. Show Day
  10. Old Mother Hubbard
  11. Sam And Pam’s Day In The Meadow
  12. The Show Must Go On
  13. The Royal Feast
  14. Chicken Licken
  15. A Big Day For A Little Duck