Peg+Cat - Really Big Album

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Peg + Cat follows an adorable spirited little girl, Peg, and her sidekick, Cat, as they encounter unexpected problems that require fun and creative solutions. In order to solve the problems, Peg and her Cat must add, subtract and apply basic arithmetic.
‘Really Big Album’ is a collection of 22 songs from the show, designed to help further the series’ maths and problem-solving curriculum.


Audio Track Listing

  1. Peg + Cat Theme Song
  2. Pickin’ Up Chickens
  3. 100 Is One Zero Zero
  4. Sorty Sort Sort
  5. I Like Circles ‘Cause They’re Round
  6. Magic Cylinder
  7. 4 + 1 = 5
  8. Nineteen Twenty Yoww!
  9. Add One
  10. Ten Friends
  11. Stick On The Line
  12. Measure In Me’s
  13. You Can Count On Me
  14. Do It Like He Drew It
  15. Short Short Short Long
  16. Over Under In-Between
  17. More Than, Less Than
  18. Jump In A Lake
  19. I’m Spherical
  20. Mr Baby Fox
  21. Halloween Night
  22. Problem Solved