Paw Patrol - Volume 7

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A team of pups led by the energetic Ryder are always at the ready when it comes to helping out around the bustling town of Adventure Bay.

Our Video seed also works in Audio only mode and will play the audio track through your Birde Speaker (just like an audio book!). Perfect for encouraging screen free play.  


Audio Track Listing

  1. Paw Patrol Theme Song
  2. Pups Save A Blimp Pups Save A Chili Cook Out
  3. Pups Save A Teeny Penguin Pups Save The Cat Show
  4. Pups Save A Playful Dragon Pups Save The Critters
  5. Mission Paw Quest For The Crown
  6. Pups Save A Sleepover Pups Save The Carnival
  7. Pups Save Jakes Cake Pups Save A Wild Ride
  8. Mission PAW Royally Spooked Pups Save Monkey Dinger
  9. Pups Save The Flying Food Pups Save A Ferris Wheel
  10. Mission Paw Pups Save The Royal Throne
  11. Pups Save BigHairy Pups Save A Flying Kitty
  12. Pups Save A Baby Octopus
  13. Pups Save The Runaway Kitties Pups Save Tiny Marshall
  14. Pups Chill Out Pups Save Farmer Alex

Video Track Listing
  1. Pups Save A Blimp/Pups Save A Chili Cook Out
  2. Pups Save A Teeny Penguin/Pups Save The Cat Show
  3. Pups Save A Playful Dragon/Pups Save The Critters
  4. Mission Paw: Quest For The Crown
  5. Pups Save A Sleepover/Pups Save The Carnival
  6. Pups Save Jake's Cake/Pups Save A Wild Ride
  7. Mission PAW: Royally Spooked!/Pups Save Monkey-Dinger
  8. Pups Save The Flying Food/Pups Save A Ferris Wheel
  9. Mission Paw: Pups Save The Royal Throne
  10. Pups Save Big Hairy/Pups Save A Flying Kitty
  11. Pups Save A Baby Octopus
  12. Pups Save The Runaway Kitties/Pups Save Tiny Marshall
  13. Pups Chill Out/Pups Save Farmer Alex