Justine Clarke - Pyjama Jam

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This is a getting-ready-for-bed album that both parents and children will look forward to at that busy time of the evening. Songs like ‘Awake’!, ‘Bathtime Song’, ‘Shufflin’ Dance’, ‘Pyjamas’, ‘Sleepy Time’ and ‘Ukelele Lullaby’ will help you and your little ones enjoy bathtime, bedtime and that sometimes tricky journey into slumber land.


Audio Track Listing

  1. Bathtime Song
  2. Shufflin' Dance
  3. Pyjamas
  4. We Haven't Even Gone Outside
  5. Bobby The Trackor
  6. Song About The Sound Of Wood
  7. Awake!
  8. You Never Know
  9. Sleepy Time
  10. Listen
  11. Goodnight Goodnight
  12. Time To Go To Sleep
  13. Little Thing (Lullaby For Coco)
  14. Ukelele Llullaby