Jay Laga’aia - Rumble Rumble Songs From The Jungle

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Join Jay Laga’aia, his mischievous monkey friend ‘Funk-E the Monkey’, and the Jungle crew as they sing, dance, laugh and learn! These songs will take you on a fun filled and engaging rumble in the jungle, where questions are asked and ideas explored through music, story and playful characters that captivate and inspire young minds.


Audio Track Listing

  1. Rumble Rumble (Jay's Jungle Theme)
  2. Hello Hello
  3. Shine (C-Mor's Song)
  4. Ranger Bec's Song
  5. Funk-E The Monkey
  6. Jungle Jump
  7. Doin' Stuff
  8. What To Do
  9. Superheroes
  10. Hey Ho (Get The Job Done)
  11. Makes Me Happy
  12. Silly Song
  13. Jungle Crew
  14. Happy
  15. We Made It
  16. Teamwork
  17. Funk-E The Monkey - Jay Version
  18. Superheroes - Jay Version
  19. Goodbye
  20. Rumble Rumble - Reprise