Giggle and Hoot - Beak Bopping Tunes

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Jimmy Giggle and his best buddy Hoot the Owl, live in a place where their neighbours are the best anyone could wish for! They never know who’s going to drop in and say hello. It’s a world where curiosity and imagination rule.
Where the ordinary is extraordinary and nothing is what it seems… shower heads are telephones, bath tubs are beds and fruit and vegetables sing!
Each day promises to be a giggle, and a hoot! ‘Beak Bopping Tunes’ is a wonderful collection of 29 songs performed by Jimmy Giggle and Hoot the Owl and of course, the beautiful ‘Hoot’s Lullaby’.

Audio Track Listing

  1. Giggle And Hoot Theme Song
  2. Giggle And Hoot Together
  3. The Gigglemobile
  4. Super Giggle And Super Hoot
  5. Play School Theme Song
  6. Six Little Ducks
  7. Hokey Pokey
  8. My Best Friend
  9. Use Your Words
  10. The Birdbath Boogie
  11. The Funky Owl
  12. If You're Happy And You Know It
  13. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
  14. I Am A Fine Musician
  15. I See Shapes
  16. Super Giggle And Super Hoot - Instrumental Version
  17. Five Steps To Bed
  18. Sweet Dreams
  19. Hoot's Lullaby