Counting with Paula - One-Armed Cactus

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The show features Paula and her friends, Tim, Billy, Chalkie, Calc
and the Numbers as they go on exciting adventures in colourful and
exotic places. From the Amazon jungles to the deepest oceans, and
to the hottest deserts and even outer space, Paula and friends solve problems, have fun and make more friends along the way!
Drawing from critical skill sets such as letter and numerical literacy,
spatial and colour awareness, comprehension and social-emotional skills, the curriculum is designed to introduce and develop emergent numerical and comprehension skills in children aged 2 to 6 years old.


Audio Track Listing

  1. Counting With Paula Intro Song
  2. One Armed Cactus
  3. Hopscotch Hazard
  4. Easter Egg Hunt
  5. Horsing Around
  6. Campfire Thrill


Video Track Listing

  1. One-Armed Cactus
  2. Hopscotch Hazard
  3. Easter Egg Hunt
  4. Horsing Around
  5. Campfire Thrill