Bob the Builder - Season 1

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In a world of construction, full of muck and mayhem, Bob the Builder and his gang ? Scoop the digger, Muck the bulldozer, Dizzy the cement mixer, Lofty the crane, and Roley the steamroller ? have fun and adventures working together to get the job done. With the help of his business partner Wendy, there’s no challenge too great for Bob and his machine team!
From fixing leaky barns to decking the Brixwood Town Hall for the
holidays, Bob and his crew are always eager to take on any job that will let them lift, dig, scoop, and cement. No matter what the project, Bob the Builder always brings a positive can-do attitude that makes the job fun for everyone. Bob’s feline friend Pilchard, and Roley’s best buddy Bird are also entertaining members of the gang.

Our Video seed also works in Audio only mode and will play the audio track through your Birde Speaker (just like an audio books!). Perfect for encouraging screen free play.  


Audio Track Listing

  1. Bob The Builder Intro
  2. Pilchard In A Pickle
  3. Muck Gets Stuck
  4. Scoop Saves Theday
  5. Buffalo Bob
  6. Wendy's Busy Day
  7. Bob Saves The Hedgehogs
  8. Bob's Bugle
  9. Bob's Birthday
  10. Travis Paints The Town
  11. Travis And Scoop's Race Day
  12. Naughty Spud
  13. Scary Spud
  14. Bob's Barnraising


Video Track Listing
  1. Pilchard In A Pickle
  2. Muck Gets Stuck
  3. Scoop Saves The Day
  4. Buffalo Bob
  5. Wendy's Busy Day
  6. Bob Saves The Hedgehogs
  7. Bob's Bugle
  8. Bob's Birthday
  9. Travis Paints The Town
  10. Travis And Scoop's Raceday
  11. Naughty Spud
  12. Scary Spud
  13. Bob's Barnraising