Birde Seed Pod - Blue

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Our Birde Seed Pod is an essential addition to your little ones' Birde kit. Each set includes 6 silicone Seed holders and 1 silicone strap. Use this secure holder to keep those Birde Seeds on high rotation together, rather than spread out all over the floor. Attach them to a bag or a hook using the silicone strap to keep them together and within easy reach.

Simply stretch and pop the silicone holder around a Birde Seed and slide it on to the silicone strap for a great solution to storing your little ones’ Birde Seed collection.


• Holds 6 Birde Seeds (Birde Seeds not included)

• Made with food grade silicone for durability and in line with child safe standards

• Available in blue and purple

• Has a secure clasp