Bananas in Pyjamas - Dancing Shoes

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Lulu has bought a beautiful pair of red dancing shoes from Rat's shop. Amy is sad because they are a little too small for her and she wants to give them a try. B1 and B2 decides it's 'wish come true time' and they set out to try and
cheer Amy up.
Join the Bananas, Teddies and Rat in a Hat for lots of fun in Dancing Shoes, and nine other exciting stories from the much loved ABC KIDS series.

This seed includes over 1 hour of stories to listen to and enjoy!


Audio Track Listing

  1. Dancing Shoes
  2. Scarecrow
  3. Pyjama Party
  4. Car Polish
  5. Rat Post
  6. Boo!
  7. Broken Track
  8. King Rat
  9. Fire Fire
  10. Strictly Bananas