A Bug Called Doug

A Bug Called Doug

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When friends Drew and Mikey discover a ‘monster’ under the bed, it causes instant panic in the two boys. When Mum and sister Daisy get in on the act, pandemonium erupts! This delightful romp of a story teaches us a gentle lesson about preconceived ideas and introduces young readers to a rather unusual Australian native bug.

Our Tap and Play Books help your little ones enjoy independent reading. Simply tap the book against your Birde Media Player and the story comes to life! 

Note: This Tap and Play Book does not include a Birde Seed. This book features a Birde logo on the cover which, when tapped on your Birde player will start the story.   


Audio Track Listing

  1. A Bug Called Doug Read-a-long Story
  2. Doug The Bug Sing-a-long Song

Video Track Listing
  1. A Bug Called Doug Read-a-long Story
  2. Doug The Bug Sing-a-long Song

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