Tiptoe Giants - Little Steps, Big Adventures

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Do you have your feet ready? Come stomp, dance and tiptoe with indie-kindie band, Tiptoe Giants! Little Steps Big Adventures is a musical adventure- from calypso melodies and "jazz-hand" swingers, to blue grass toe-tappers and folk tunes- that explore the big and small things in life, for the little giant in each of us.

Audio Track Listing

  1. Tiptoe Giants
  2. It S Fun To Be An Individual
  3. Emergency (Wee Wah)
  4. Island Melody
  5. Sanibonani - Zulu Good Morning Song
  6. Hello Song
  7. Flicker And Spark (Campfire Song)
  8. Bang! Bang! Bang!
  9. Banana Smoothie
  10. Rocking Chair
  11. Arty McArty Birthday Party
  12. Shoobeedoo (We Go Together)