Bananas in Pyjamas - Dancing Shoes

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Lulu has bought a beautiful pair of red dancing shoes from Rat's shop. Amy is sad because they are a little too small for her and she wants to give them a try. B1 and B2 decides it's 'wish come true time' and they set out to try and
cheer Amy up.
Join the Bananas, Teddies and Rat in a Hat for lots of fun in Dancing Shoes, and nine other exciting stories from the much-loved ABC KIDS series.

Total running time approximately 45 minutes.

Audio Track Listing


Run Time

1. Dancing Shoes 5 minutes 1 seconds
2. Scarecrow 4 minutes 10 seconds
3. Pyjama Party 4 minutes 27 seconds
4. Car Polish 4 minutes 32 seconds
5. Rat Post 4 minutes 33 seconds
6. Boo! 4 minutes 26 seconds
7. Broken Track 4 minutes 34 seconds
8. King Rat 4 minutes 36 seconds
9. Fire Fire 4 minutes 11 seconds
10. Strictly Bananas 4 minutes 28 seconds