How Birde Began

Birde was created by Sydney couple Daniel and Leah Corkin in 2015. It all began when they tried to find entertainment options for their three young boys. The kids wanted to be independent and choose their favourite music or videos. However, the result was scratched DVDs, dropped tablets and frustrated kids.

Daniel and Leah realised there was no safe platform for children to independently interact with media. Daniel's experience as an engineer allowed them to start about building a new an unique solution. Birde.

Birde is the world's first smart multimedia player for children. It allows children to safely play educational and entertaining audio and video content that kids can choose themselves

Since inception, Birde has developed everything from the content platform, media player, supervision apps and childsafe media tokens. We have formed partnerships with leading local and global content providers and love being able to share and develop Birde as a simpler, safer way for our children to grow in a digital world.

Leah Corkin

Leah is the COO and co-founder of Birde. Her professional background is in Allied Health, however it was becoming a mum that set her current career course. She and husband Daniel founded Birde after realising that their children wanted to choose their own videos and music but there weren't any products on the market designed for them. Leah is involved in all aspects of the business, curates all the content for Birde and is a mum to three young boys.

Daniel Corkin

Daniel is the CTO and co-founder of Birde. He has worked as a digital and product development engineer for over 10 years. He started his career in the consumer appliance industry and worked his way into the development of interconnected digital systems. He loves the challenges in the creation of new technologies and hanging out with his 3 young boys.

Jack Lord

Jack is the CEO and co-founder of Birde. He was previously the CEO of consumer electronic brands Sunbeam and Breville and is also currently the CEO of in-store retail communication agency Guihen Jones. His two sons are young adults now however he remembers how hard it was to prevent excessive screen time and looks forward to giving parents an alternative way of getting music and stories back into their children's lives.

Jessica Houweling

Jessica is Birde’s Marketing Director. Jessica’s professional background is rooted in Sales & Marketing within the Tourism industry and has two daughters who are 17 months apart! Working as a part of the Birde Team has spurred her an interest in empowering children to learn and play through the use of age-appropriate technology. Because, let’s face it, they’re growing up in an evolving, digital world.

Richard Harrod

Richard is the Lead Designer. He is an Industrial Designer with almost 20 years’ experience bringing award winning products to market at both Sunbeam and Breville. Richard is a firm believer in using user-based design to enrich people's lives. His simple and robust design of Birde has been thoroughly tested by Richard’s young son.

Wade Beach

Wade is the Chief Strategy Officer at Birde and has developed his career in multinationals, startups and retailing both locally and internationally. Prior to becoming a Director of in-store retail communication agency Guihen Jones and retail technology start-up RetailMotion, Wade headed up PCO Marketing for BP Asia & Pacific a geography spanning 32 countries. Wade is a volunteer lifesaver, father of two and a new grandfather. He believes every child deserves engaging, caring & safe early learning experiences to get the best possible start in life.

Zafeer Molai

Zafeer is the System and Software Architect for Birde . A software engineer by profession and passion, he manages the software stack for Birde. He has worked in domains of security, web and cloud technologies for over 6 years. Since working with Birde, he now holds a keen interest in research and development of safe technology for children. On a work day, you will find him writing and building codes and undertaking reviews. 'Fail Fast' is his watchword . Lately, medium articles comprise his research and knowledge building. On other days, sports matches can keep him up all night while also deciding his next travel destination.

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