The Wiggles - The Wiggles Duets

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‘The Wiggles Duets’ sees Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony sing some of their favourite tunes alongside some of the most sensational entertainers from Australia and abroad! Guest stars include Guy Sebastian, Slim Dusty, Kylie Minogue, Katie Noonan, Jimmy Barnes, Paulini and Troy-Cassar Daley, plus Steve, Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin and many more!

This seed contains 17 duet songs - running time approximately 41 minutes.

  Audio Track Listing


Run Time

1. Do The Propeller! (Feat. Guy Sebastian) 2 minutes 1 seconds
2. Monkey Man (Feat. Kylie Minogue) 2 minutes 22 seconds
3. I Love To Have A Dance With Dorothy (Feat. Slim Dusty) 2 minutes 35 seconds
4. The Crocodile Hunter (Feat. Steve, Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin) 1 minutes 34 seconds
5. I Love It When It Rains (Feat. Marlee Matlin) 1 minutes 41 seconds
6. I've Got My Glasses On! (Feat. Katie Noonan) 2 minutes 41 seconds
7. Feeling Hungry (Feat. David Hobson) 2 minutes 2 seconds
8. Have A Good Day (Kia Pai To Ra) (Feat. Robert Rakete) 1 minutes 13 seconds
9. Do The Pretzel (Feat. Paulini) 2 minutes 15 seconds
10. Taba Naba Style! (Feat. Christine Anu) 2 minutes 38 seconds
11. Do The Hawk (Feat. Lee Hawkins) 2 minutes 1 seconds
12. Squid Jiggin' Ground (Feat. Tim Chaisson) 3 minutes 9 seconds
13. Itchy Fingers (Jimmy's Sea Shanty) (Feat. Jimmy Barnes) 3 minutes 0 seconds
14. Waltzing Matilda (Feat. Troy Cassar-Daley) 2 minutes 53 seconds
15. We Three Kings (Feat. Anúna) 3 minutes 9 seconds
16. Rock & Roll Preschool (Feat. Lou Diamond Phillips) 2 minutes 35 seconds
17. Eagle Rock (Feat. Ross Wilson) 3 minutes 27 seconds