John Field - Animal Songs and Sounds

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All children love to sing, and all children are fascinated with animals of all sorts. Now acclaimed children’s songwriter John Field brings the two together with an album of ‘Animal Songs and Sounds’, a collection that’s great fun for all creatures big and small. It’s a musical zoo where you can sing along with monkeys, kookaburras, elephants, alligators, puppies, platypuses and other shaggy, furry, hairy animals! Perfect for young children, ‘Animal Songs and Sounds’ is ideal for the home or car and will keep kids singing and dancing for hours.

Audio Track Listing

  1. Monkey Monkey Monkey
  2. Nine Alligators
  3. My Puppy Dog
  4. Shaggy, Hairy, Furry Animals
  5. Kangaroo Mouse
  6. The Hoot De Hoo Of The Owl
  7. The Animal Alphabet
  8. Kookaburra
  9. Fly Like A Bird
  10. In The Pond Near The Stream By The River
  11. Platypus
  12. Slow Turtle Slow
  13. The Animal Orchestra
  14. Walking In The Jungle
  15. Has Anybody Seen My Lost Elephant
  16. I Wish I Was A Bird