Dial E for Emma

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Ring, Ring! Hello? Or should we say, yellow? Emma’s friends know that they just have to Dial E For Emma and she will answer the phone and be on her way! Emma embarks on a dancing adventure and uses her “Book of Dancing” to help her try out and discover different styles of dance. Whether it is Jazz or Country, Fusion or Ballet, Emma will dance the day away! Share in Emma’s love for dancing, singing, sign language
and dress ups and know that she is only a phone call away!

Audio Track Listing

  1. Dial E For Emma
  2. Hello, My Name Is Emma
  3. Ballet Phone Call
  4. Brise In The Breeze
  5. Ba Ba Da Bicycle Ride
  6. Goat Glissade
  7. Prince Phone Call
  8. Prince Laendler
  9. Mary Mary
  10. Snare Drum
  11. Apusski Dusky
  12. Skipping And Skipping
  13. Jazz Party
  14. Irish Group Phone Call
  15. Garden Of Daisies
  16. Hey Ho Stop
  17. To Have A Tea Party
  18. Dancing 'Round The Mountain
  19. Optometrist Phone Call
  20. At The Optometrist
  21. Book Of Dancing
  22. Chapter 1 - Jazz
  23. Chapter 2 - Ballet
  24. Chapter 3 - Country
  25. Chapter 4 - Fusion
  26. Round And Round The Garden
  27. Ballet Party
  28. Shaking 'Round The Mountain
  29. Banjo Breakdown
  30. Polka Phone Call
  31. Pigtail Polka
  32. Hula Hooping
  33. Jumping 'Round The Mountain
  34. Irish Dancing Visit
  35. Tambourine Here We Go
  36. I Open Up My Music Box
  37. Music Box Ballet
  38. Emma's Dream
  39. Emma's Reverence