Waiting for Birde Players to be back-in-stock?

Waiting for Birde Players to be back-in-stock?

We are very excited to have Birde Players back-in-stock very soon. As we continue to dot our I’s and cross our T’s, we’ve collected quite a list of names of those of you who are keen to get your hands on one.

We are still estimating that Birde Players will be available to shop in this first quarter of 2024. If there are any changes to this we will keep you notified.

As soon as we have received a confirmed date for when they will be arriving to our warehouse, we will make Birde Players available for pre-order. If you haven’t already done so, we recommend hitting the “notify me when available” button on the Birde Player product page and leaving your email address there, so that you can be one of the first to “add to cart.”

We are so thankful for your support. The “Birde Nest” continues to grow and we appreciate every one of you that has joined us on this journey so far. We are looking forward to all that we have planned for this new year, not just this Birde Player restock - but also the launch of new Birde Seed as well as Tap & Play Book titles.

If you ever have any questions about or need help with anything Birde related, we're here for you when you need us. So please get in touch via email (our address is contact@birde.co), Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct Messenger.

Here's to 2024 🥂