Diary of an Astronaut

Diary of an Astronaut

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Narrated by Author, Annabel Blake, Diary of an Astronaut is a fun and colourful friendship story that introduces kids to all the planets in the solar system. 

Oh, and there’s pancakes 🥞

Luna the astronaut loves nothing more than a delicious stack of pancakes. As Luna is about to take a bite of her pancake breakfast, she hears a strange noise coming from outside. WHOMP! Oh no! All the planets need her help!

Join Luna on a wacky pancake space adventure, as she zig zags across the galaxy helping all the planets with their tricky problems.

This cute story about intergalactic friendship makes learning about the solar system fun, inspiring and best of all; easy peasy!

Our Tap & Play Books help your little ones to enjoy independent reading. Simply tap the book against your Birde Player and the story comes to life!

Note: This Tap & Play Book does not include a Birde Seed. There will be a Birde logo on the cover which, when tapped against the Birde Player, will start the story.

Audio Track Listing

  1. Diary of an Astronaut  Narrated by Author, Annabel Blake

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